The GForge Group has been helping organizations build better software for over a decade. Originally founded by Iowa native Tim Perdue in 2002, our flagship product, GForge Advanced Server, has roots back to the early days of which was owned by VA Linux Systems. Since then, GForge has navigated through many changes in the market including everything from industry-wide adoption of open source software, the burst of the 2000 dot-com bubble, the offshoring/nearshoring movements to the growing Web 2.0, and SaaS marketplace. Through all those transitions, our vision has always remained the same: We believe in great software and we want to provide software organizations the tools they need to get their best ideas to market.

Based in the Des Moines, Iowa metropolitan area, The GForge Group is a growing, nimble company supporting thousands of organizations including start-ups, non-profits, research institutions, chip manufacturers, aerospace and defense companies as well as Fortune 500 corporations. GForge Advanced Server is the most established, mature software collaboration suite on the market.

Who We Are

Tony Bibbs, President and CEO
Michael Tutty, Chief Technology Officer
Kate Bibbs, Chief Financial Officer
Mario Papayannis, Engineer
Javier Adrian Ortiz de la Tabla, Engineer
Hector Pizarro, Engineer
Celina Vizcaya, Engineer
Olivia Bradley, Business Development Intern

📰 News

January 11th 2017 at 10:23am
GForge v6.4.3 Released

Today we are happy to announce the immediate availability of GForge Advanced Server v6.4.3.  Other than being a bug fix release, this will likely be our last update to the 6.x series as we intend to ship GForgeNEXT later this year. Important note: For anyone using GForge under the default license, which lets you run GForge AS free … Continue reading GForge v6.4.3 Released


📅 Blog

January 5th 2017 at 7:00am

How Many Project Tools Do You Really Need?

In my last post, I talked about some criteria for choosing between all-in-one or best-in-breed tools. Now, I’ll apply those criteria to our product space, and try to show why a unified team collaboration tool makes more sense than what you might be living with now. So, let’s imagine that you’re looking to solve the … Continue reading How Many Project Tools Do You Really Need?

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