A great product isn't truly great unless it includes world-class support. The GForge Group understands that which is why we provide a number of support options:

Important: Before You Start

If your question is related to how to use a specific feature be sure to check out the GForge Advanced Server Manual. We have a growing number of short screencasts on how to use some of the more common features. We also do our best to publish answers to common questions in our Knowledge Base.

If none of the above support options helps you, you may use one of the support options below to gain access to our support team.

For GForge Customers

Customers on an annual GForge Advanced Server subscription have been set up in our support system during the procurement process. Once that is done you can head over to our Support Tracker (login required) to submit a ticket or you can simply send an email to support@gforge.com. NOTE: only users set up in our support system can send emails to that address. If you aren't sure, just give it a try and the support system will let you know if your email has been properly tied to a customer account.

HINT: GForge Customers can also access their GForge Advanced Server licenses online (login required) or by sending an email to licenses@gforge.com. If you use the email option, be sure your email is tied to a customer account in our system. If you aren't sure, just try it, our system will will either respond with your valid license or it will let you know your account can't access that feature.

Per-incident Pricing

If you aren't a paying GForge customer but have a critical support issue you need assistance with, you can pay-as-you-go. Per-incident pricing is provided $120 per hour and requires a 3 hour minimum. To sign-up for per-incident support please email gfgsales@gforgegroup.com.

Customers Using a Free GForge License

GForge Advanced Server is provided free of charge for up to 15 active users. We also offer academic license to some colleges and universities (limitations apply). Organizations using a free license can use our searchable Free Support Tracker. Obviously we give priority to paying customers, but we do our best to keep on top of any questions we see.

📰 News

January 11th 2017 at 10:23am
GForge v6.4.3 Released

Today we are happy to announce the immediate availability of GForge Advanced Server v6.4.3.  Other than being a bug fix release, this will likely be our last update to the 6.x series as we intend to ship GForgeNEXT later this year. Important note: For anyone using GForge under the default license, which lets you run GForge AS free … Continue reading GForge v6.4.3 Released


📅 Blog

January 5th 2017 at 7:00am

How Many Project Tools Do You Really Need?

In my last post, I talked about some criteria for choosing between all-in-one or best-in-breed tools. Now, I’ll apply those criteria to our product space, and try to show why a unified team collaboration tool makes more sense than what you might be living with now. So, let’s imagine that you’re looking to solve the … Continue reading How Many Project Tools Do You Really Need?

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