GForge in One Minute

This one-minute overview explains the basics and shows you how to try it out for yourself.

Create New Project

How to Create a New Project in GForge.

Chat - Project Activity Feed

Shows the Project Activity Feed within the Chat Feature in GForge.

Upload Files

Show the options that you have for uploading files in GForge.

Tracker - Query Quick Filter

Information on the Tracker Query Quick Filter options in GForge.

Tracker - Query Results & Downloads

Introduction to Tracker Query Results and Downloads.

Notifications and Mentions

Information on receiving notifications and being @mentioned in GForge.

Chat - Emoticons, Images, and Sounds

How to use Emoticons, Images, and Sounds in GForge Chat.

Chat - Auto-Link & Auto-preview

The video shows the auto link and auto preview feature in GForge chat.

Popup Alert!

Switch the class to: ".alert-danger" to show an error, or ".alert-success" to show a successful action.